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 Alena Goodman-Bear

For as long as I can remember I've fantasized about weddings; I was actually given wedding magazines as Christmas gifts when I was only around eight years old. Party planning has been passed down through the generations on my mothers side. My grandmother would use any excuse to throw a party and invite a multitude of guests. Some of my fondest memories are of when I attended any one of my grandma's parties and for those of age drank her various flavors of homemade wine. This is the very reason I love event planning myself. To me it's not a job, but a passion that fills my cup. I get such joy in seeing others being together and making priceless memories, like my grandma Stella who always had a big grin of contentment on her face at the end of the night. 

 Michelle Weiss

My love of decor and event planning started when we bought an early 1900's house and I was struggling to decorate it. I collected antiques and vintage pieces, I upcycled and repurposed items until I found the perfect combination and created a cozy atmosphere in our 100 yr old house. That's when the party planning began. I’d find any excuse to invite people over. Christmas parties, barbeques, and birthday celebrations--I was always willing to host and loved decorating to match the theme of the event. As my flair for decorating and hosting parties grew, my friends and family started requesting my help. And then I was asked by a friend to style her wedding decor on her big day. That was the first time I was able to display my talents on a large scale. It was my biggest project to date, but the end result was the most rewarding! Seeing the bride's face when she first walked in, knowing that I had captured her vision, while allowing her to enjoy her day without worry. That was the moment when I knew wedding design and decor was something I wanted to pursue-to be able to help take some of the pressure off other brides’ wedding days.

The Small Details

Alena Goodman-Bear & Michelle Weiss are long time friends of 23 years, both with creative vision, a flair for decorating and wedding coordination. Specializing in custom wedding decor they are ready to serve the Chilliwack and Fraser Valley area. They have rental items for their clients, which they have created thoughtfully by hand or have purchased; there are no limits on what can be done!

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